Korg Wavestate Sequencing Synthesizer


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Ride the wave. The Korg Wavestate Sequencing Synthesizer is a cutting-edge sequencing synth building on the success of the Korg Wavestation. The Wavestate employs new and improved Wave Sequencing 2.0 technology. This allows you to create unique and ever-evolving sequences and patterns. The Wavestate synthesizer features a huge versatile sample library with custom sounds from Korg. It incorporates high-end sounds from the Kronos Krome and brand-new samples from Korg and Plugin Guru. Nearly every knob and parameter can be modulated for in-depth control. It also boasts a wide variety of classic and modern-day filters for in-depth sound design. The compact desktop-based design provides you with a 37-note full-sized keybed for fluid playability.


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