JBL NanoPatch+ Volume Controller


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Noise-free volume control. With the JBL NanoPatch+ Volume Controller getting the output of your speakers right has never been easier. Designed to be used between the master outputs of your audio interface and the inputs of your active speakers the NanoPatch+ features a rotary control for dialling-in the perfect amount of volume attenuation. Plus with a handy mute button you can silence your speakers without having to make any changes to any of your controls or parameters. The JBL NanoPatch+ boasts a passive design. This means no active circuitry or power supplies are used meaning you dont need any additional power to use the device. This also comes with the added benefit of there being no components that would often cause interference in your signal. The NanoPatch+ also ensures that your audios bit depth is maintained ensuring that your signal stays at its maximum quality.


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