JBL M-Patch Active-1 Monitor Controller


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Take control of your studio. With the JBL M-Patch Active-1 Monitor Controller you can seamlessly switch between input signals and output speaker monitor systems. With the ability to accommodate up to three stereo analog input sources three stereo analog outputs as well as USB in and out the M-Patch Active-1 gives you a full complement of functions for precision audio monitoring and control. This handy controller boasts the lowest-noise operation possible for an active monitor controller ensuring that you can work without interference. Plus the M-Patch Active-1 features a handy talk-back function that can be activated with a footswitch (not included). The integrated condenser mic can be routed in a variety of ways providing you with intuitive communication between you and your performers. And with on-board USB audio can be recorded and played back directly to and from your DAW.


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