Electro-Voice EVID S8.2 Installation Speakers White Pair


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Create ambience. Build atmosphere. Electro-Voice EVID S8.2 Installation Speakers are perfect for bars restaurants and other retail environments. Youll get clear responsive sound from a pair of custom-made full-range speakers. This is audio everyone can enjoy. Deep lows. Clear highs. And plenty of midrange in between. EVID S8.2Ws get their defined sound from an 8″ woofer and 1″ tweeter combo. Together both speakers work in harmony offering uniform coverage at high volumes. And thanks to the flexible mounting system youll find it easy to install and position your speakers in any setting. Built to last. Both EVID S8.2W speakers are fully weatherised protecting them from wind rain and other damaging weather. That means outstanding performance in open air event spaces without compromising on quality.


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