Boss WL-20 Compact Wireless Guitar System


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The Boss WL-20 Compact Wireless Guitar System features Boss high-performance wireless technology to deliver exceptional sound quality and an incredibly wide dynamic range. The system runs at a 2.4 GHz frequency band and automatically chooses the optimum channel ensuring players receive rock solid audio with no chance for the signal to drop out mid performance. The Boss WL-20 is designed to be as simple and easy to use as a physical guitar cable with its super quick setup and ultra-low latency offering the ultimate playing experience. The WL20 Wireless System also features a built-in cable tone simulation to capture the natural capacitive effect thats produced when passive pickups are used with a 10ft guitar cable giving your tone a slightly warm quality. Also equipped with a rechargeable battery to provide up to 12 hours of continuous playing the Boss WL-20 Compact Wireless Guitar System is the perfect companion for players wanting the freedom to roam the stage and deliver a more dynamic performance.


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