Behringer FBQ100 Shark Feedback Destroyer


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Compact size meets unlimited power. The Behringer FBQ100 Shark Feedback Destroyer should not be overlooked because of its size. With its ultra-quick feedback detection system the FBQ100 will protect you the artist and audience from any random feedback. Thanks to Behringers “Search and Destroy” algorithm the system automatically detects up to eight problematic frequencies. By using super-tight notch filters the FBQ100 is able to combat feedback leaving your signal unaffected. Feel free to choose between manual and auto-mode. Selecting manual allows you to tweak up to 12 filters adjusting frequency bandwidth and gain. Auto-mode suits those wearing multiple hats the FBQ100 will continually monitor the mix adjusting levels automatically and resetting when necessary. If you want one less task to worry about then Behringer have you covered with the FBQ100.


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