Behringer DDM4000 Digital Pro Mixer


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Own the night. The Behringer DDM4000 Digital DJ Mixer will provide you with an excellent sound and all the necessary tools to create a great vibe. Thanks to its sleek compact design the DDM4000 is the ideal choice for club nights and DJ sets. Ensuring audiences will be engaged and on their feet. Youll be provided with two microphone inputs. These will be excellent for allowing you to communicate with every member of the room getting the crowd on your side regardless of volume. Theres also four phono / stereo line channels enabling you to integrate turntables and CD players with your software. Feel free to shape your sound thanks to the inclusion of a three band EQ. Youll be able to tailor your sound to the conditions of the venue for optimised performance. Thanks to Behringers cutting edge technology youll be guaranteed total ownership of the room.


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