Ampeg SCR-DI Bass DI with Scrambler Overdrive


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The Ampeg SCR-DI Bass Bi with Scrambler Overdrive combines a classic Ampeg preamp EQ pedal and overdrive stomp box in a rugged design built to deliver Ampeg tone in any situation. The all-new Bass Scrambler overdrive can be used to dial in tube-like grind while the classic Ampeg EQ offers additional tonal control including Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo tone shaping. With flexible connectivity options the Ampeg SCR-DI is perfect for practice recording and performing. This all-around solution has all the connections to get Ampeg tone out of any rig and send it all to front-of-house to ensure the audience hears your tone. With a built-in headphone out and aux in for practicing along with backing tracks the SCR-DI is also a fantastic practice tool that can fit right into your gig bag.


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