Akai Professional MPD232 Pad Controller with Faders


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Put control in your hands. The Akai MPD232 Pad Controller with Faders is part of the most capable and user-friendly line of pad controllers Akai Professional has developed to date. Featuring RGB light-up MPC pads and a greatly expanded control set of 8 knobs 8 faders 8 buttons in 3 banks for 72 total controls the MPD232 allows musicians of any level to enhance their performance right away with the easy-to-use Preset Editor. User interaction is amazingly responsive thanks to the new ultra sensitive Thick Fat MPC pads and with the convenient USB power theres no need for an AC adapter. The Akai MPD232 is the product of over six years of detailed customer research and user feedback featuring an expanded control set to maximize the sounds and effects available to the user and comes complete with Ableton Live Lite.


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