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NOFX shared last year that they’d be breaking up – or at least stop touring – following their 2023 shows, and now we’ve got the final ever dates. While it’ll be 2024 rather than 2023, they’re ending the tour in their hometown of Los Angeles as promised.

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When they said a year ago that they’d mark their 40th anniversary by breaking up, frontman Fat Mike told a fan, “Los Angeles will be the last place we play. It’s where we started, it’s where we’ll end.”

And true to his word, the punk icons will be ending their four-decade career with a trio of shows at Berth 46 on 4, 5 and 6 October.

But before that, there are plenty of dates on their 40 Years, 40 Cities, 40 Songs tour to give fans the chance for one last show. A range of new US and Canada dates have been added either side of their European dates in May and June.

And there’s still new music to come, too. After last year’s Double Album, Half Album is expected to come out this year – as Mike told Guitar in December 2022. There’s then another record, Everybody Else Is Insane, before the final album, NOFX: A–Z, which will bring together songs Mike has worked on over the years which start with every letter of the alphabet.

When asked why the band are planning to stop touring, he said, “It’s been forty years, dude. I’m 55. I don’t need the adulation. It feels like work and I have to get so loaded to have a good time. I’m really excited about playing our last shows because it’ll be so awesome and emotional. We’re gonna play every song we’ve written, off of every album.”

Could they ever reunite for a tour in the future? “I don’t think so,” Mike told Louder last year. I do know that this is our final tour. I would never do it for financial reasons because I’m fine. And I don’t want to just half-ass it. It’s done.”

Of course, anything is possible, but if you want to catch a NOFX show you might want to act fast. Pre-sale for the tour begins 13 January.

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