Noel Gallagher hits back at Liam: “He should concentrate on what’s left of his f***ing hairdo” | All Things Guitar

Noel Gallagher has fired back at brother Liam after the latter took a shot at his cover of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, calling it “damn rite blasphemous”.

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“Let’s put it this way. When he’s doing his thing, I’ve got better things to do in my life than listen to what he’s doing,” the rocker says in a new interview with Seattle’s 98.9 KPNW. “So I take it as a compliment that he’s kinda trolling the fucking internet at whatever time in the morning looking for that kinda thing.”

“But ya know, I mean, he should concentrate on what’s left of his fucking hairdo and not worry about what I’m fucking getting up to.”

Comments about his former bandmate’s hairdo aside, Noel also claimed that while Liam has been “going on” about an Oasis reunion, he has been reluctant to reach out in reality.

“I fucking dare you to call me,” challenged Noel, pointing directly into the camera. “I dare you to call me. And you won’t call me because if you do call me and I go, ‘Actually, that’s a good idea. Actually, that might work,’ then the arse falls out of his trousers because then, then you’ve got to be in the same room as me and then we both know how that ends up.”

“Stop tweeting. You’re bigger than that. You’re better than that.”

In other news, earlier this month, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds released their fourth studio album, Council Skies.

“The album seems to be quite reflective and some people who’ve heard it say it’s quite autobiographical, which I don’t get,” the musician told Radio X. “But I guess the album, if it has any theme, would be quite reflective, maybe? I don’t like to pin themes of albums down, because I think people should make their own minds up.”

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