Lost audio recording of Led Zeppelin playing ‘Dazed and Confused’ live in 1969 unearthed

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A lost audio recording of Led Zeppelin performing Dazed and Confused live in 1969 has emerged from the depths of the internet.

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Spanning 13 minutes, the rare sound-only clip was reportedly recorded by a fan directly from their TV speakers during a broadcast of the song on 12 November, 1969 on the Dutch television programme Dit is het begin (This is the beginning) by VARA network.

The band had originally performed the song on 5 October on the Amsterdam stop of their brief Autumn 1969 European Tour.

A review of the show in an early issue of Top Pop Stars magazine reads: “The concert hall was packed, TV cameras were everywhere and the atmosphere crackled. Heavy, crashing Zeppelin sounds swept the audience onto another plain and the timing of their applause indicated their appreciation of the material. Wild, standing ovations brought the group back time and time again and they finally left the stage exhausted.”

Listen to the recording below.

Aficionados of previously unreleased Led Zep performances have been in luck this year.

Three previously unseen recordings from the band’s 1975 show in Maryland emerged online in June after underground Japanese label Tarantura announced on 16 May that it will release a bootleg recording of Led Zeppelin’s 4 May, 1971 performance in Odense, Denmark.

Given that there’s currently only one known recorded live performance of the song from the audience tape of the band’s previous night in Copenhagen, the label has dubbed the bootleg a “Holy Grail”.

And more recently in September, rare footage from Led Zeppelin’s 4 September 1970 ‘Blueberry Hill’ show in Los Angeles was released on YouTube.

Check out the gem below.

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