JHS Pedals teases a multi-mode RAT distortion will be its next pedal

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JHS Pedals has teased that its next pedal will be a RAT-style distortion, and possibly one that would incorporate different generations of the pedal in its design.

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In a teaser video posted to Instagram yesterday (28 October), the brand showed a wall arranged with ProCo Rat pedals from the ages, with actual rats playfully meandering through the display.

“An important part of the JHS show is maintaining pedal organization,” captioned the brand

The video is the second to hint that a JHS take on everyone’s favourite rodent-themed pedal is on the way. “We hired some new interns,” wrote the brand in the first.

The teasers align with some whispers online that a multi-mode Rat pedal from the Kansas City pedal maker is on the way. On the Fretboard forum, one user claimed they ran into the pedal – called the “Pack Rat” – at a GuitarGuitar in Camden, describing it as “akin” to the Bonsai or Muffuletta, which are a nine-mode TubeScreamer and a five-mode Big Muff, respectively.

[It had] about ten modes including OG, white face, brat rat, Keeley mod, JHS mod and a few others,” described the user in their post. Another user went to the same outlet and snapped a photo of the pedal [seen above].

JHS had previously dabbled with Rats in a modded pedal – also named the Pack Rat – which added custom chips, new capacitors, a three clipping-stage switch and an LED indicator.

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