Friedman puts its Smallbox amp into a pedal

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The Friedman Small Box pedal

Friedman amplification has announced a new stompbox unit, which makes the Small Box amplifier a little more true to its name – by cramming it down into a compact pedal enclosure.

The amp-in-a-box unit promises to offer the same “versatility, sensitivity and harmonically rich overdrive” as the full-sized Small Box amplifier. To help you along with that, the pedal sports the same controls as its bigger sibling: volume, gain, treble, midrange, bass and presence.

The side of the unit sports a small toggle switch allowing you to choose between two structure modes: high-gain or low-gain. In the lower gain mode, the pedal can function as a dirty booster – slamming into your preamp, bringing you into a clear but aggressive breakup. With it in high-gain, it simulates the Plexi channel of the Small Box – offering instantaneous full-bore British-tinged distortion.

The compact pedal has side-mounted jacks, true bypass switching and can run on anything between 9-18V DC. It doesn’t, however, take a battery.

The pedal lists for $199.99. Find out more over at

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