Ed Sheeran sees no point in music critics: “Make up your own mind”

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Ed Sheeran has declared that there isn’t a point in music critics in this day and age.

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The popstar was speaking to Rolling Stone about the age of streaming when he suggested that critics are obsolete given how accessible music is these days.

“Why do you need to read a review?” he questioned. “Listen to it. It’s freely available! Make up your own mind. I would never read an album review and go, ‘I’m not gonna listen to that now.’”

Sheeran’s comments to the publication have been met with mixed reactions from fans, with one user commenting, “ok except music critics aren’t just there for ppl to decide what to listen to?? taking a deeper look at music thru a deeper critical lense [sic], both positive and negative, is a celebration of music as a whole if anything.”

Another added, “I don’t even think that critics are meant to sway the general public these days. It’s just a way for journalists to create discourse about music.”

so true. who’s out here reading music reviews before actually listening to the music???

— Paul⁴ ✱ BLM (@selenastan18) March 28, 2023

Elsewhere, the singer-songwriter also shared his opinion on labelling music genres, saying “I think it’s not being bogged down by what you started off as.”

“I think there’s two genres. It’s good and bad. And I don’t think kids believe in genres anymore, either. Now it’s just playlists and kids are like, well, I like this song by this artist, and I like this song by that artist. And it might be a Skrillex song next to a Doja Cat song next to a Kendrick Lamar song.”

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