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Actor Owen Wilson has revealed how he had his Rolling Stones lifetime pass revoked, after he tested the limits of what “all access” means.

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During an appearance on the James Corden Late Late Show, Wilson shared the short lived tale of his all-access Rolling Stones lifetime pass which he was gifted by Mick Jagger himself.

However, as he explained, it all started to go wrong in Argentina when he started to test how “all access” the pass was.

“I’m gonna walk over here and see if anybody stops me, and no one would stop me any place,” Wilson revealed, then sharing that he found an area overlooking Mick Jagger on the concert stage.

“I’m kind of watching, and then all of a sudden he bolts during ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ and comes running down… and it turns out where I was was kind of part of the stage. I just sort of froze and, you know, tried to be inconspicuous and he kind of came down and then left,” said the actor. “And then someone came running over, [screaming] ‘Get out of here! Move! You’re not supposed to be here!’ And I was, ‘You know, I didn’t know! I’m so sorry!”

Wilson said he went to bed that night still thinking about it, calling it a “gnarly experience.”

“Then I get a call the next morning, from Mick’s security team, asking, ‘Do you have that laminate?’ ‘Yes I still have it.’ ‘Okay, we’re going to come over and pick it up.’”

Wilson admitted his mistake as he was dressed in a white T-shirt and white jeans, and that he might have blended in to the stage had he worn darker colors, but ended up being fairly conspicuous when Jagger entered his area.

“I get it, you know, he has a show to do, he doesn’t need some bozo kind of just cruising around, distracting him,” said the actor.

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