Below is a selections of links for people and companies that we feel respect, gratitude and complete love for. Please check out some of our friends for great music and services!

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Jinder - One of Britain's best kept secrets, and one of the best live performers you can see. Also provides us with a wealth of music-industry contacts, knowledge and humourous tales - check him out if you can, you won't be disappointed.

The Gravity Drive - Also known as Elijah and Ava Wolf, beautiful people offering beautiful music. Need we say more.

Howl Open Mic Nights - A fantastic community, run by Elijah Wolf and his merry men. A warm, fun and respectful atmosphere welcoming all ages and abilities, you'll be encouraged into playing, but not pushed, and if you just want to go and listen, that's cool too. A wonderfully calm and stressless way to start performing.

Logan Carter - One of our favourite singer-songwriters, an ACM graduate who plays a variety of inspired originals and fantastic covers, from folk, country and pop to heavy metal. On an acoustic guitar. No, really...

Ryan Halsey - Dorset-based drummer with a love for music. Endorsed by so many people we haven't got space to list them, if you needs drums or percussion in any shape or form this is the man to ask.

2nd Attention - Otherwise known to us as Mr. Simon Wichett, founder member of 'Phil and Friends' from which Shelby's Elbows did evolve. He left us to concentrate on his solo material, and he's done a pretty good job of it too by the looks of things.

Media and Services

Pennylane Studio - Rob at Pennylane studio mastered The Yesterday's Voice EP for an unbelievable price for such professional quality and hardwork. Don't get ripped off by these 'online mastering' services - talk to Rob, he's your man.

DSIA Music Services - The one stop shop for all your musical needs; they can help support you on many fronts whether you need to record, rehearse, learn or promote.

Pix! Photography - Another Rob that provides photography for events, gigs, weddings, sports, promo, media and pretty much anything else.


Number 10 Cafe Bar, Bridport - Where it all began, and still where we consider our home. Great acoustic music several times a week all year around, this is one of Dorset's greatest musical assets. Without No10, there would be no Shelby's, FACT.

The Ropemakers, Bridport - Bridport is almost overrun with great music venues, but the Ropemakers is also one of the places to be at the weekends for great live music.

Jurassic Fields - Bridport's own fully fledged music festival, formed in 2014, is going from strength to strength. We absolutely love playing at our local festival, and in its short life has become one of the events of the year for us. And it's dirt cheap, so get a ticket and come join us!


Bridport Music - A family business, which has been trading for over 30 years. Buidling up a reputation for being able to obtain recordings, which people are often unable to find elsewhere.

Harmony Music - Another family run music store, with a large stock and great selection of top quality instruments and service from top quality people, what more could you want?

The Dorset Catering Company - Catering for weddings, corporate events, parties, funerals, events and fine dining. Nice people too!

Shelby Foster - Not only is Shelby our pointy-elbowed namesake, he is also an author of some great bizarro fiction...